Today,i'm still bored.

I don't know who can talks to me.

I write on my blog again because i want to express and reduce my feeling again.

Sometimes i am emo-ing.I AM.

Why must i like that?no point.

i remember my friend asked me:"you only have two girls in your life?do you have more?"

It's funny.I know.

Recently,i miss her fuckin* much.& i like her.

actually i like her do not mean anything.

maybe the feeling of L-I-K-E that i used on her is too much.

I care and i mind,because i know that we are not suitable.

i think she knows my feeling.but she act like she doesn't know.


if she reads my blog,it's nothing.

coz i never want to start anything.

I Like Her just more than friend.

So what?i don't care.hope she doesn't care too.

tomorrow is the school reopens day.

It's bored,but i will fight for it.

For my life and for my future.

My destiny girl,my destiny lover is waiting for me.


I Fight For You<3 my destiny lovely wife.


I'm single.So WHAT?!

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